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Design and Architecture

The MC6 MKII is a fully programmable MIDI controller.

How it is structured is simple

MC6 Architecture

There are 30 banks. Each bank has 12 presets and 2 expression presets. Each preset can be programmed to send out 16 different messages.

MC6 Architecture

Each bank can display up to 6 presets, of which all are accessible from the 6 switches. The other 6 presets can be engaged via dual switch presses or external aux controllers. A Page Toggle function is also available to switch between the first 6 presets and the last 6 presets.

Please refer to the Midi Types Glossary for the full list of messages available to you.


Too long, didn't read! Cause who likes reading manuals, right? While we encourage you to go through the full manual, here's a quick list of information to get you quickly started. We take pride in making the MC6 MKII as easy to use as possible, and hope that the on-board directions will be intuitive enough to you.

Entering Edit Menu

Press Switch [D + F] in the main preset page. The last used preset, expression pedal input and bank will be displayed in the menu.

Editing your presets in the editor

Make sure you are in Editor mode. Press Switch [C + D] to enter editor mode or click the Toggle Edit Mode button on the editor.

Make sure to exit Editor mode to have the full functionality available before you use it with your devices.

We take pride in making the device one of the easiest-to-use programmable Midi controllers in the market. If there is any questions you have using the device, please do not hesitate to drop us an email at help@morningstarfx.com.